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Welcome to CloudValid

CloudValid is designed for application developers who need to onboard user domains, such that your user’s onboarding is an automated, hands-off, click-through experience. We support DNS Use Cases that are commonly required among apps, such as SPF and DKIM for email platforms, SSL and A records for hosting, etc.

Short-Term & Long-Term Benefits

The goal is to provide your application with both short-term and long-term benefits. Short-term, CloudValid is designed to eliminate your application’s need (and cost) of providing manual support to your users as they onboard their domains, and dramatically improving your product activation times. With automation, a typical user domain can be onboarded to your app in minutes, versus days and weeks typical of existing manual processes. Long-term, we provide an optional DNS Service Layer, an abstraction layer that is designed to future-proofs and upgrade your infrastructure with incredible product flexibility, security and vendor optionality.

Unified DNS API

We provide a Unified DNS API for most popular Domain Management Systems, such as Cloudflare, Amazon Route 53, and Godaddy. CloudValid continues to increase its coverage of different Domain Management Systems, such that currently about 80% of users for a typical app can be onboarded with DNS automatically.

User Experience

This is wrapped with a UI Component that can be quickly embedded into your app, a Guided DNS Setup Workflow, typically replacing a DNS Settings Page. It looks something like this:


Same-Day Setup

CloudValid is designed to be setup and activated same-day, for an easy product win with tremendous ROI.


A typical app can see a 1:1 reduction between their rate of automated DNS onboarding and a reduction in support tickets. For example, a 75% automated DNS onboarding rate among users can correspond to a 75% reduction in related support tickets.

Extra Magic: Programmable DNS Service Layer

Integrated with our streamlined user domain onboarding, CloudValid provides an optional hosted service, a “DNS Service Layer”. This is a powerful abstraction layer between your app and your users that lets you setup unique, programmable DNS service records for each of your users. It’s the way DNS should be done among cloud services.

Update DNS at Any Time

We provide both an Admin UI and a Developer API so that you can update any of your user’s DNS Service Names at any time. You provide your infrastructure teams and product teams with incredible product flexibility, security and vendor optionality.


This specialized, programmable DNS Service Layer is designed to future-proof your app’s back-end infrastructure. For example, you can:

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

You can unknowingly incur this when you build your app on top of other cloud vendors, and then ask your users to insert vendor-specific DNS records into their DNS zone. For example, if you were to pass SendGrid- or AWS-provided DNS resources directly to your users. CloudValid provides an abstraction layer that eliminates this sort of unintended vendor-lock-in. Migrating away from one cloud vendor to another can otherwise be a headache, when users have to be asked to update DNS again, which they are always slow to do. And you would otherwise have to invest in either a significant user outreach initiative to make these changes, or settle with avoiding the effort and cost, and be stuck with a cloud vendor that you’d rather not have.

Improve Security

You can eliminate the use of shared DNS resources among users, by narrowly, even uniquely, assigning DNS resources to your users. This isolates the reputational and spillover effects among one user and another who would otherwise share the same DNS resources. For example, an email service provider can narrowly assign an IP range to a user, even having a unique SPF record for each user, which can mitigate the reputational impact of one user on others. CloudValid’s DNS Service Layer supports the generation of programmatic, unique DNS service records for each user within your app.

Provide New Product Flexibility

A Programmable DNS Service Layer, with unique, personalized DNS resources setup with each user within your app, allows your product team to rollout new features in phases, targeting different individual users, or segments of users, at a time. For example, rotate DKIM keys, but only for some users and not others, or balance users across different versions of your app. This allows your product team to rapidly iterate, test, experiment, and deploy features in an agile manner, as safely as possible.